ERP for SMEs

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Client Data Management Dashboard
Client Profile
Payment Behaviour of Clients
Satisfaction of Clients
Acquisition of returning Clients
Promotion Notification to Clients


Sales Management Dashboard
Assigned Sales Targets for each Sales Person
Quotation Tool
Invoicing Tool
Statement of Account
Payment follow-up reminder
Overview of quarterly and yearly sales performance
Currency Exchanger
Promotion Notification to Clients

Finance and Accounting

Accounting Dashboard
Balance calculation
Expenses allocations
Income allocations
Balance Report
Profit and Lost Table
SOA (Statement of Account) for
each Client
Management Account


Procurement Management Dashboard
Vendor Data Base
Outstanding Balance
Outstanding Orders
Delivery Notes dedicated to Order
Purchase Orders
OCR Scanner for Delivery Notes


HR Management Dashboard
Employee Profile
Medical Leave
Annual Leave
Total Spend Acquisition
Total Hours
CV Data Base


Warehouse Management Dashboard
Dedication of Inventory to warehouse and or external Storage/ Jobsites
QR/ Barcode Scan for in and outgoing Inventory
QR/ Barcode print configuration
Permission control via Smart phone APP
For Incoming and Outgoing Inventory

Why Invest in a IAT ERP System?

Here the 10 Reason

Cost of Spreadsheets

What is the cost of using the spreadsheet and its limitations? The answer is the cost of labor spent having to enter the same information in two or more places. Rework cost due to errors caused by lack and delay information. The elimination of these costs is one of the great benefits of using an ERP system.

Centralised control

Everything in the universe has a center in both the solar system as in atoms. Multiple centers lead to disorganisation. The company should also have a control center. The ERP centralises information from all processes and different departments in a single database.

Pour in Proceedings

In the manual process, a sale is posted in customer sheet. Launches low on inventory control spreadsheet and updates the balance of the stock. Then updates the financial spreadsheet, and so on. The ERP system does all these operations automatically and synchronously, giving fluidity to processes, eliminating waste of time, manpower and material.

Higher Flexibility

The great advantage of small businesses is the agility and flexibility to adapt to the market needs or conditions imposed by buyers. When choosing an ERP it is necessary to look for software on which to make the necessary adjustments to maintain business flexibility.

Avoid Operating Calamity Situation

The increase in the volume of transactions and the intensive use of spreadsheets leads to the total lack of control and to the operating state of collapse. The end result may be the closure of the company.

Increase Sales

For control via spreadsheets, the budget is released but is not checked if they had the confirmation of receipt, it had return, etc., which leads to forgetfulness and loss of sale. ERP in there automatic verification mechanism to prevent this from happening. The system sends daily report of the proposals, their situation and measures to be taken.

Long-Term Planning

ERP is a long term investment. The system provider will be your partner for a long time. Look for a vendor that has tradition, experience, structure and quality support to users. Select the system that will provide the best value for money through the system usage time.


Wider The Company Overview

The integrated management system gives the manager an overview of the company in one place because it eliminates the various spreadsheets, one for each task or department. Can readily show the most important information for making decisions and planning.


Improves Management

Imagine a sale chaining the issuance of invoice, the packing list for the separation of the product and dispatch, low in stock, check the minimum inventory, generates a purchase order updates the financial system to control spending and receipts . This allows control spending, plan tasks, control the schedule and so on.


Technological Obsolescence

For the system is not obsolete and the investment is not lost in the short term, the software needs to be updated constantly to keep up with technological change. If not, soon you will be with a dinosaur in his hands.

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